I’m so glad you are here.

Please excuse my mess while under construction. After being on Blogspot for over ten years, I found it is taking me longer to learn WordPress. In between life and the journey, hiccups, and setbacks, I am gaining ground.

Our journey began in 1975 when I met my knight in shining armor, and we were married in 1978.

I’m the mother of three exceptional adult children, who married the loves of their lives and showered us with ten of the most extraordinary grandchildren.

I love taking pictures. I probably take way more than the average person would take, I just love capturing every second I can.

I love being in the garden, only it seems I have a bit of brown thumb. Sometimes the green shows up, sometimes thing will bloom, and it is improving over time. I covet those whose gardens are flourishing, and I love spending time in them. Maybe someday a walk through mine might be similar.

I don’t like being the center of attention though at times I am plunged there.

I always try to put my best foot forward.

I tend to research things to the point of obsession.

Did I mention I LOVE taking pictures!

We took a leap of faith twenty-five years ago and moved to the desert, leaving behind the beautiful Napa Valley.

God had a plan for us!

We enjoy eight months of the most beautiful weather – it’s become our paradise. To escape the heat during those HOT summer months, we journey to see family, and friends, and other places where we can find temperatures under 100.

Then our life changed back in 2000, and for the next 3-4 years, we couldn’t say where we were heading none the less where we were. Add in another four years of wrong turns and bumps, it was a winding, sometimes narrow road that took us through so many unfamiliar places, bringing us to a place where we discovered that “Life was a journey!” and I began to enjoy sharing it. If what we have gone through, and been rewarded with, can help other’s, just as other’s have helped us, then I’m fulfilling what God’s plan is for me, for us. 

Come 2014, we had gathered so many seeds, it became time to start planting the ones that would take us through other journeys, sharing some with others along our path, encouraging them to plant them and see what grows, it’s becoming a whole new type of garden for us. Sometimes seeds sown won’t flower the first years, but if you’re patient, remain faithful, just wait till you see what God already knew would bloom!

Unquestionably, there were some challenges, and I’m sure there will be more! With our faith, His direction, and forgiveness for when we stumble, we will continue sharing our journey, His words, our faith, for as long as He wants us too.

I hope you enjoy your journey through ours.